“We were invited by friends to drive down to GrillCafe with them. We were amazed with our experience and walked away extremely pleased. We highly recommend The Grill Cafe.”
“I usually go to the Grill Cafe. However, I have been there for both lunch and dinner. It has great atmosphere, service, and food. I love the Beef Shawarma Plate and Falafel Plate. I definitely recommend this place for a fun hang out with friends, dinner with the family, or any occasion really.”
“We ordered a Chicken Shawarma Wrap and a Shawarma Plate. The Shawarma was cooked to my husband’s specification. The Plate was excellent and would have fed three people.”
“Thank you Grill Cafe!!! My family and I ate at the Grill and the service was quick and the food was great. We’ll be back . . .”